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The Premio Ferrari dedicated to the historical piano returns this year (October 16-21 2018). The jury is chaired by the renowned pianist and conductor Arthur Schoonderwoerd (NL). Among his most interesting achievements are the concerts of L.V. Beethoven and those of W.A. Mozart with the Cristofori Ensemble.

The novelty of this 2018 edition is the collaboration with the Ancient Piano Museum in Ala and the prestigious collection of historical keyboards created by the pianist Temenuschka Vesselinova.

Ala still has the same cobbled streets and 17th and 18th century palazzi seen by Mozart. Both the rehearsals and preliminary rounds of the competition will take place in Ala in the beautifully preserved Palazzo Pizzini von Hochenbrunn, in the same room where W.A. Mozart and his father Leopold played for their hosts. The  Final of the Premio Ferrari 2018 will  take place in Rovereto (a charming town 20 minutes from Lake Garda), also visited by Mozart.

Of particular interest to the participants will be the chance to play the pieces by J.S. Bach in the preliminary round on a copy of a fortepiano Silbermann (ie the type of piano known to Bach) and to perform the  Concerto in C major KV 415 (original version for Piano and String Quintet) by W.A. Mozart in the Final,  accompanied by the soloists of the Baroque Mitteleuropean Orchestra

As always, there will also be pieces by the Trentino musician G.G. Ferrari, to whom the prize is dedicated. Registration deadline 8 October 2018.

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